“The restaurant’s moniker may be tsk, but no one will tsk tsk you here. Leave the dinner jacket and heels at home; jeans and boots will do. But if you want to dress up, that’s okay, too. Interior windows look into the kitchen so you can watch chefs Chad Hoffer and Tyler Burnley — brothers-in-law — at work while their twin wives, Julia and Anna Jenkins, handle front-of-house.” – Rhode Island Monthly 2/2014

“Thames Street Kitchen makes a casual first impression. But don’t be deceived; its food is some of the most inspired in the city. Chef-owners Chad Hoffer and Tyler Burnley’s cooking wows with complex flavors and beautiful plating.” - Providence Journal 9/2013

“Best of New England…It’s all in the family at TSK. Chefs Chad Hoffer and Tyler Burnley, along with their wives–twin sisters and front-of-the-house managers Julia and Anna Jenkins–have created the ultimate elevated neighborhood BYOB. The menu is small, but the food (from striped-bass ceviche to fried chicken with French toast) is as fun as it is creative.” - Yankee Magazine 5/2013

“Tsk, as Thames Street Kitchen likes to be called, is appealing in so many ways that a description of dining there could serve as a pocket handbook on how to run a restaurant right.” – Providence Phoenix 9/2011

“And yet, for all of its well-considered design, tsk’s strength lies in its food, which tenaciously trumps the visuals. Even a minute lobster roll with its sweet buttered bun, just large enough to hold a single claw, manages to elevate itself with a dash of celery and a tangle of translucent garlic chips. Further evolved is a wedge of burrata ($8), its pliable mozzarella skin barely containing a viscous, creamy center. Paired with sharp arugula, a dollop of bright pesto and shavings of asparagus — not to mention spot-on seasoning — the prosaic becomes something sublime. And yet, for all the culinary talent on the line, tsk still has a certain low-key quaintness.” – Rhode Island Monthly 10/2011

“Yes, there’s something very special happening on Thames Street.” Newport Mercury 6/2011

“Iron Chef Marc Forgione will join Chefs Chad Hoffer and Tyler Burnley of tsk (Thames Street Kitchen) at their restaurant today, Tuesday, as a special guest chef…The three chefs worked alongside one another at BLT Prime in New York City in 2005 and have remained friends through the years” – Middletown, RI PATCH 7/2011

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